"Burning felled jungle hillside," 5:15 a.m.
50 x 89.25  in
Watercolor on paper, walnut frame

Part of an ongoing series of large watercolor works on paper. Each is a collaged landscape from a Ford archive containing adverts from the 1920s until today. The desktop computer is the Amazon Mechanical Turk workspace of Maya Chavis.

Sources: “Burning felled jungle hillside, back of labor quarters,” The Henry Ford archive, Fordlândia, 1929; Lincoln-Zephyr, Continental Cabriolet, 1940; Cologne, Atlantis, Ford, 1942; Lincoln Cosmopolitan, 1950; Lincoln Cosmopolitan, Sedan, 1951

Included in exhibition:HIT (Human Intelligence Task), Commonwealth and Council
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Image courtesy of the artist