Con-Tact, 2011, Video of a performance on a Con-Tact covered set, excerpt from, (TRT: 20:00)

Actors perform a script that combines an autobiographical origin story set in Nigeria with an origin story of the product Con-Tact, an oil-based decorative paper, which covers the entirety of the set.

ABOUT Con-Tact:
Actors perform in a set representing a domestic space completely covered in Con-Tact sheet: a sticky-back plastic with a digital marble print sold globally (I noticed it in the U.S. and in Nigeria). The script performed in the set combined product information and company history of Con-Tact sheet (including corruption claims and court cases) with an autobiographical origin story set in Nigeria. I was interested in looking at the micro and macro dimensions of post-colonialism and the persistence of imperialisms through multinational corporations, in this case through a product derived from oil.

Mireya Lucio
Justine de Penning

Manuel Shvartzberg