Dimensions variable
Direct-to-substrate print on acrylic, steel
The mobile uses a combination of marketing materials from both baby products such as nappies and baby lotion, with products such as Raid that are used to kill unwanted pests such as flies and cockroaches. One set of products is about taking care and maintaining life; the other is about taking life. The circulation of images and products is related to the circulation and bio-politics of life, whereby certain lives—sorted according to race and geo-politics—are maintained and others and destroyed. The piece investigates how these regimes of life and death are circulated and enforced through everyday consumer objects and images that at first glance can appear innocent or even funny.

Sources: Huggies Pure & Natural; Huggies Gold; Pampers; Johnson's baby lotion (Johnson & Johnson); OFF! (SC Johnson); Raid MAX (SC Johnson); Raid (SC Johnson); TOMCAT, TERRO (Liquid Ant Baits) ATTITUDE; M.B.S.R products (Attack); The original LAXMANREKHAA; Victor (Fly Magnet Trap)

Included in exhibition:
KNOCK KNOCK, South London Gallery

Installation view, KNOCK KNOCK, South London Gallery
Photo: Andy Stagg