9:58 min
Video, color, sound

Shot in Houston, Texas, three people enter an empty apartment wearing medical scrubs. They have entered the apartment to dispose of something, which is in the bathroom. They use language and aesthetics from the marketing of products that contain hexafluorosilicic acid (otherwise known as sodium fluoride) such as toothpaste, bottled water and rat posion, to not only communicate with each other but to both conjure and expel what is in the bathroom.

Sources: Arm & Hammer, 2011; Arrowhead, 1989; Aqua Mineral Drinking Water, 2010;
Aquafina. 2007: Cargill, 2009; Crest, 1956, 1960, 1986; d-Con. 1991, 2013; Johnson & Johnson, Micrin Mouthwash, 1961: Listerine, 1952; Macleans, 1966; Rembrandt Whitening Toothpaste, Be #RembrandtColorful, 2014; Sensodyne ISO Active, 2011; Silk Vanilla Soymilk, 2010; Smartwater, Jennifer Aniston goes viral, 2012; The Mosaic Company, MicroEssentials, 2011; Tomcat Bait, 2014; Pepsodent, 1950s; Poland Spring Water, 2010; Ultra Brite, featuring Farrah Fawcett, 1971, and featuring Sela Ward, 1980, 1983; Welch's 100% Grape Juice, 2014

Camera: Phillip Pyle II, Jason Byrne
Sound: Corey Palermo. Aidan Reynolds 
Adobe After Effects clean up: Ivy Mar Flores Color Grade: Sony Pictures' Colorworks
Performers: J. Alan Nelson, Alexis Marie West, Alyssa Dugar

Included in exhibition:
Hexafluorosilicic, Commonwealth and Council

Video still, Hexafluorosillcic

Video still, Hexafluorosilicic

Video still, Hexafluorosilicic

Installation view, Hexafluorosillicic, Commonwealth and Council